Articles by Curt Taipale

Audio Test Signals
Every church tech booth should have quick access to a set of audio test signals. So here you go.

Gee, Wilbur | A Day in the Life of the Resident Expert
Wilbur and Sidney enjoy an adventurous day of re-voicing their church's sound system.

Are You Confusing Polarity With Phase?
It is surprisingly common for techs to confuse the terms polarity and phase. Some even use the terms interchangeably. But they are two different things. Let me reveal the truth to you.

Are You Talking to Me?
Shoptalk works for those in-the-know. Not such a good choice when addressing non-operators.

At the Push of a Button
Installing an AC power sequencer could be considered a luxury. But in some cases it is a life saver.

Audio Abbreviations
Not accustomed to hearing the shoptalk that your tech throws around? Here's a primer on the most common terms.

Called to Excellence
We are driven to deliver technical excellence at each worship service – not for ourselves, but for God.

More Thoughts on Excellence
Finding that balance between a drive for technical excellence and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Can I Rotate My Loudspeaker?
Seems simple enough. But dig deeper and you realize that it's more wishful thinking than reality.

Choosing Loudspeakers for a Small Church
Sadly, audio mythology is alive and well (at least in several online tech forums) as this story reveals.

Got Questions?
If you have questions about a piece of equipment, did you know that you can call the manufacturer and ask the question of someone who actually knows the answer?

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