CSC Discussion Group

The ChurchSoundcheck Discussion Group

We launched ChurchSoundcheck and its companion ChurchSoundcheck Discussion Group in October 1997.

Over the years God has gathered together an amazing community of people who are so willing to share what they have learned with others, free from the technical mythology so common in other online forums.

The group includes church technical support ministry teams who volunteer weekly in the areas of church sound, video, lighting, and staging, plus technical staff and exceptionally brave music pastors.

It also includes consultants, contractors and system integrators who specialize in the design and installation of performance systems and acoustics for churches.

Several manufacturers have technical support representatives online with us who can offer their unique perspective. Many of our members are also graduates of our Church Sound Boot Camp.

The diverse background of our members makes for a well-rounded, balanced dialog.

The daily conversation in the group was done via an email listserv, which mirrored a web-based forum version. The content of those conversations was great, but the format was limited since it did not allow members to share photos or other files. A few months ago we finally discovered the solution we had always wanted.

The CSC Network

We have transformed our CSC Discussion Group, finally bringing it into the new century, and wanted to let you know about it.

Our new CSC Network format that allows members to better focus their communication in their area of interest.

Plus we can post photos, videos, and files, and in general have more fun. There is also an app that works with iOS and Android that I've found to be a great feature.

This is what I envisioned for CSC over fifteen years ago. The system functions like our own social media platform, but without the distractions that every major platform forces on its users.

All conversations are accessed online in the CSC network. You can read and respond to those posts either on your computer or via the smartphone app (available for iOS or Android).

We would be honored if you would join us in this new work that we're calling the CSC Network. To make that easy, click on the "Yes, I'm Ready" link below. That will send your request to us for approval.

By the way, all personally identifiable information collected when you subscribe to the CSC Network is used solely by ChurchSoundcheck. Personal information will not be sold to third parties. You can review our Privacy Notice here:

Join CSC

So what are you waiting for!?! Join the CSC Network today and see what everyone's talking about.
Six months from now you'll be wondering how you ever got along without the friendships, support and advice you'll find daily in this group.

Still unsure? Check out these testimonials from CSC members. Their firsthand experiences will show you what it's really like on the other side.