Who We Are

Our goal as individuals and as a company is to Communicate Technical Excellence to the Church. Our first step towards that goal was to publish a magazine for techical support teams in churches. Originally called Clarity Magazine, it was later titled Soundcheck Magazine. We published sixteen issues of the magazine from 1988 to 1990. It was the first magazine ever published nationally for church tech support teams.

Then in the Fall of 1997 we launched CSC allows us to continue to share the articles that I originally wrote for our magazine. (Thankfully God's laws of physics haven't changed!) One of my joys is writing, and you will discover that several of my more recent articles were originally published in prominent trade magazines including Technologies for Worship Magazine, Live Sound International, and Church Production to name a few.

The day we launched as a website, we also launched a parallel email listserv called the CSC Discussion Group. It was started with the simple premise that people like to get mail. More importantly, they like to get mail from friends. They enjoy comparing notes with like-minded individuals who they can learn from, help find answers to questions, and pray for one another.

We consider our website and the CSC Network to be a "mythology-free" zone, and we strive hard to maintain it as a safe place to learn and ask any question. We have several thousand members worldwide. Most of our members are involved in the technical support ministry of their local church. Some are seasoned veterans, while others' only mistake in life was to walk too close to the sound booth last weekend and get drafted ino the ministry.

God has knitted together a truly unique community of friends through ChurchSoundcheck. If you are not already a member, we encourage you to join us. [ Learn more about CSC here. ]

We have taught literally thousands of church sound team volunteers, technical staff, worship pastors and musicians how to get the best possible results using the gear they have to work with.

If you have ever attended one of my workshops for church tech support teams, you already know my heart to freely share the knowledge and engineering techniques that God has allowed me to learn during a career that spans three decades (and counting).

Now looking back, it could have only been God who let me talk for endless hours about life and engineering with recording legend and mentor, Bill Porter. Only God could have let me drive the console for years sitting next to producers like Tom Brooks, or mix live services for Ron Kenoly, Marty Nystrom, and so many others. It's amazing how great an engineer's mix can sound when they get to work with such incredibly talented people on the other side of the mic.

God gave me a passion to learn and a passion for excellence, and then he gave me favor to work alongside some amazing people who helped shape my craft.

Couple that with the fact is that I love teaching. I love talking about this craft of audio as it applies to churches. So as often as possible I go out and share what I've learned with others. And that is what the Church Sound Boot Camp is all about. We offer workshops in the basics of sound for churches, and then we build on that to explore more advanced techniques.

Why? Because if you don't understand the basics you will never understand how to push the envelope. Because without the basics under your belt you can easily be led astray by others who mislearned some key point along the way, and then you'll wonder why some of your techniques don't work. Because I've seen with my own eyes audio mythology in action, which puts me on a neverending task to help fellow techs see the light. Because there is such a high turnover in church volunteer teams that I feel compelled to help train up your new recruits.

I encourage you to make every effort to attend the very next class that we offer. If you're new to audio, you'll return home with a clear understanding of the basics, how to apply them and how to keep learning. If you're a veteran church sound tech, you'll return home encouraged and challenged to take your ministry to the next level.

Come join thousands of CSC Grads who have found a renewed passion for technical excellence that will serve you (and your church) well for years to come. Plus you'll have a great time learning with fellow believers.

Taipale Media Systems has been providing technical advice to churches since 1981. We specialize in helping churches use the equipment that they already have to its full capability. When the time comes for new AVL systems, our experience with sound, video, theatrical lighting systems and room acoustics ensures that you will receive the best solution possible within your budget realities.

Curt made his living as a professional musician for 12 years before earning his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Engineering from the University of Miami. He has served 11 years full time on the production staff of three churches as Audio Director and Technical Director, plus several more years as a sought-after freelance sound engineer.

His ability to analyze technical issues based on firsthand experience as a professional musician, a seasoned sound engineer, and as a system designer allows Curt to bring a unique perspective and depth of knowledge to every AVL system he designs and every workshop he teaches.

Today we consult with churches big and small, of all denominations, as well as with Christian schools, all over the United States. Learn more about how we can work with you here.